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The most common obstacles to a career break


Unclear direction for career breaks or sabbaticals


Without clarity or structure, the idea of a career break feels impossible. It can be difficult to decide how to spend your time and what goals to pursue.

Overhwhelemd graphic common  sabbatical mistakes


Burnout has left you exhausted and overwhelmed. This can paralyze decision-making and detract from your progress.

Fear about career breaks or a sabbatical


Fear of the financial instability, the future, failure, or judgment from others can weigh heavily on you, causing anxiety and self-doubt.

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Community on career breaks or sabbaticals


Join the Spark Community to connect with other high achievers who are burned out.

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Educational course on career breaks or sabbaticals


Start your career break planning process with the Burnout to Break Free Blueprint Course.

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Community on career breaks or sabbaticals


Accelerate your growth with one-on-one coaching. I offer two packages.

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Career Break Compass

Reclaim your work and life with Career Break Compass —
a strategic guide to plan, take and re-enter the workforce after a meaningful break, complete with actionable plans.

After recognizing I was burned out, I researched science-based methods to recover from burnout, and interviewed over 170 professionals. Through my story, and so many others, I wrote this book to be a guide for career breakers.

By the end of the book, readers will have the tools they need to plan and execute a career break and then return, either to their existing job or maybe something completely new, with a plan that will keep them from falling into old burnout traps.

Release Date: November 12, 2024


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You're not alone. Burned out? 
Considering a career break?


of employees have experienced burnout in their current job


of employees have taken a career break


of Millenials expect to take a career break
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Wonder if a career break is right for you? 

Filled with details on planning a sabbatical or career break and tips to refresh and reset, this guide is for you.

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Hi, I'm Laura.
I have been a chronic achiever for as long as I can remember.

In 2022, I planned a strategic exit from my VP role, with nothing lined up, to embark on a mission to recharge myself from burnout and redefine how I wanted to live my life.

Prior to starting my break, I read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and did the work to prepare for my break. I created a program to rest, reset and redefine myself, and how I approach this next season of life.

Today, I am an advisor, founder of Solle Solutions, a marketing agency, and I am a certified executive coach — helping others, like you, along their journey to gain clarity and create a more fulfilling life and career.  

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Achieve with Purpose

Are you ready to change how you work and live? 

I am dedicated to guiding high-achieving professionals through the challenges of burnout, career transformation, and life fulfillment.

The Achieve with Purpose Program takes a holistic approach to leadership and burnout recovery. The program empowers leaders like you to thrive in your  personal and professional journey.

As a certified executive coach, my services are designed to empower mid-career leaders and entreprenuers who find themselves at a crossroads, helping you navigate the path to a more rewarding and balanced life and career.

How it works?

Does your work align with your values?

Step 1

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You'll recieve a customized coaching plan.

Step 3

Action to Reality

Do the work. Get clear on your goals and take action.

Step 4

Live with Purpose

Be reconnected with what you love about life and work.

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